" There is nothing even close to this on the left, nothing that fuses myth with prophecy, narrative with political advocacy in real time. Nothing." This is an unbelievably one-sided view of the world today. The far left believe that Utopia is possible. That's just as nutty as anything the far right believe in. Just look at those followers of Jeremy Corbyn in the UK. Some of them really believe he would have made all poverty disappear. It's insane. In fact, I would argue the left is more akin to Puritanism - another failed religion. Look at the similarites. They believe all their heroes must be perfect, otherwise they get torn down for something they said in 1977. If this were not true, HIlary would have won in 2016 and none of the horror of the past 4 years would have taken place. Both sides are guilty of myth-making and both need to come back down to earth.

An American writer in London. I work as a personal biographer for Story Terrace.

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