I recently read an article written by the CEO of Netflix Reed Hastings where he stated that getting rid of “less than top performing” employees created a better work environment. They weren’t bad employees. Just not perfect. My immediate response to his version of what I call “Corporate Eugenics” was…

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Diminished Responsibility: My Life as a U.K. Sub and Other Strange Stories - Volume I
Alvin Gibbs

The best memoirs are written by strong, self-aware individuals who take their audience on a journey with them from who they were when they started to who they are now. The best authors…

2020 has been a blowout for the live music scene in the UK. The Covid-19 pandemic assured there would be no more gigs from mid-March. It’s now August and nobody knows what the future will hold. Despite this uncertainty, there are quite a few bands making and releasing new music…

Completed before the global Covid-19 pandemic — the most historically significant event in a generation — Alvin Gibbs and the Disobedient Servant’s aptly titled History EP is a solid effort, displaying both growth and reliability in the trio’s second outing.

History serves up four new songs, each distinct in style…

Vice Squad.

Reflections: Vice Squad’s Beki Bondage discusses the past and their latest EP, When You Were 17.

Earlier this month, in the midst of the UK’s lock down to prevent Covid-19, English punk band Vice Squad released a new EP titled When You Were 17.

I woke up this morning, opened the curtains and peered out at what promises to be a beautiful, warm, sunny London day. Cup of tea in hand, I settled down to the day’s work. For a moment, I forgot Donald Trump was President back home.

Then I logged on and…

One of my jobs is the ghost-writer of autobiographies. People tell me their life histories and I write them in their voice. Over several projects, it became apparent that individuals remember the negative events with considerably more clarity than the positive ones.

For example, I recall vividly falling into a…

Jenn Upton

An American writer in London. I work as a personal biographer for Story Terrace.

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